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Our Story

NYX Secret is celebrating 10 years!  

Our History

NYX Secret was founded in 2011 with love and peace.

NYX Secret caters to every individual looking to reach their greatest pleasure potential. Our brand will continue to evolve and grow as we help shape the conversations about sex positivity, fun, self-love, and empowerment.


Purpose Statement 

We provide accurate information, guidance, and high-quality curated products for all interests, needs, and budgets in the world of sexual pleasure. NYX Secret is a judgment-free environment committed to being at the forefront of social change and champions of sexual discovery. 


Our Values

Lovers are like a trusted, close friend that is always willing to guide you with openness, knowledge, and positivity. Lovers help to empower and inspire positive sexual experiences as a crucial component of self-satisfaction and fulfillment.


We welcome, serve, and celebrate people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, and socio-economic statuses as both employees and consumers.  


We believe that, for most people, experiencing pleasure plays an essential role in overall health and well-being.


We promote a sex-positive culture. We support people and causes that advance body and sex-positivity.


We hold as a universal truth that respect and consent are essential to every sexual experience. 


We believe in personal empowerment as an essential component of personal growth.


Brand Expressions

We believe that pleasure is for everybody and everybody. We are committed to engaging with our customers with authenticity and authority in a judgment and shame-free environment - digitally and in the physical space. We are committed to fun and to Pleasure Based Activism. By following our Brand Expressions of Education, Advocacy, and Transparency we will help lead the conversation around sex-positivity for a pleasure-filled world.


As a company that sells products that enhance pleasure, it is our role to educate, empower, and foster a community around sex positivity and permission to seek out and find pleasure in healthy, consensual ways. 


We advocate for the voices of underrepresented people including LGBTQIA, BIPOC, and differently-abled bodies.


Like many companies, we are committed to doing better in the areas of inclusion and representation in all aspects. Including the areas that we still need to work on and are learning about. We believe this brings authenticity to our platform and builds trust with our audience.

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